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Understand The Causes Of Dry Skin and How To Successfully Fight It.


What is Xerotic Eczema?
Dry skin is called xerosis, or xerotic eczema. This is a term derived from a Greek word ("xeros") meaning "dry." It should not be confused in name with "psoriasis" (another, more serious disease), or "cirrhosis" (a disease of the liver)

What is Xerosis?
Everyone has a natural oil coating over our skin that is produced by oil glands. If this oil is removed, then the skin becomes dry which can lead to cracking, which can lead to inflammation. Xerosis is usually a long-term problem that recurs often, especially in the winter. Cold winter weather can be hard on skin because the amount of moisture is less than the amount of moisture in warm air.

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Who gets Xerosis? 
 Xerosis / Dry skin can affect anyone, male of female of any ages.

What causes it?
Dry skin is caused by a lack of moisture. This is most common during the winter months, when heating systems dry the air. Bathing with hot water, spending extended periods of time in the hot sun, and the skin's natural aging process also remove moisture and oils from the skin.

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of dry skin include itching, flaking, and fine lines. Xerosis of the foot is common in patients with diabetes and can lead to severe complications, such as ulcers, infections, and cracks in the skin (fissures).

Is Dermasil Lotion Hypoallergenic?

Where can I buy?  
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Is Dermasil Gluten free?
Does not contain gluten

Does Dermasil contains parabens?

What is the glycerin derived from?

What is Dermasil Original?
In 1993 Chesebrough-Pond’s USA introduced to the skin care market a remarkably therapeutic hand and body lotion called Dermasil. The company  positioned Dermasil as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical brand above traditional moisturizers such as Vaseline Intensive Care.

Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, and Advanced Treatment lotions address the full spectrum of skin conditions in need of effective treatment. Dermasil, contains high levels of Dimethicone, which promotes  quick absorption,  is less greasy and has strong, long lasting moisturizing qualities.

What does the Dermasil original Collection contain?

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