Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Reviews


Excellent quality, great value  -  KingdomHelper

I bought an 8oz bottle of Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment lotion back in January. I shared the bottle with a friend, who commented on how much it moisturized her skin, even after several hours of having applied it. I have since made two other purchases of Dermasil products as a result, both for $1 each at Dollar Tree. This is an excellent product, especially for the value, and it is highly recommended.

best lotion ever - shananicole

this is actually the only lotion i will buy. Its works great and keeps my skin moisturized

Great stuff - MissKB

I bought this for my desk at work about a year ago and I still have some left. You only need a tiny bit and it soaks in nicely and moisturizes for quite a while.

Best lotion! - emmysmom

Advanced-Treatment-for-Dry-Skin---DermasilThis lotion got me through the winter! I have very sensitive skin and when I saw this was hypoallergenic, I tried it! The value is amazing and I went through at least 12 bottles this winter. I will never be without it. I stock up because its very popular! I told a friend who's addicted to it as well, lol!

Best Lotion Ever! - asmabebe

Seriously the best I've ever tried. I have bought expensive creams and moisturizers for my sensitive skin and none come even close to the effect this one has. Leaves skin feel super soft with no smell, residue, or harsh effects. I use it on my face and body. I hope Dollar Tree always keeps this!

Awesome quality and value. - englishrose

This is a great lotion. I have sensitive skin and I wanted something that would not irritate and would moisturize and sink into the skin and not be tacky or sticky or smell like perfume - this is it. I'm only sorry I did not buy more =) But since I go to Dollar Tree on a weekly basis I will stock up! I hope they will continue to carry it. Awesome quality and value.

Wonderful - arslp

Many years ago the only place I ever found Dermasil was at a hospital. This really works for moistening the skin. It is thick, but not heavy or greasy. The very unobtrusive fragrance is light and pleasing; and I have allergies. Never a problem with this. Every lady that I work with (about 10 - 11) gets either this type bottle or the tube of Dermasil on their birthday. It is an inexpensive, yet well-appreciated gift. There is always either this bottle or the tube of Dermasil behind my kitchen sink. I love this product!

Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment - CJSJ

To find Dermasil skin care at the Dollar Tree was a wonderful surprise...I had used this lotion years ago but it had gotten to costly so to find it for a dollar a container was works well to hydrate your skin making it soft to the touch.

It has a nice neutral smell and absorbs well into the skin.

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