Dermasil Labs - Recommendations for Preventing Dry Skin

If conditions are severe, contact your physician.

Please see below some recommendations from Dermasil Labs. Our company makes all the efforts to manufacture quality skin care products, that are effective, and easy to use. In order to prevent Dry Skin, you have to take certain steps, create skin care habits, and apply them consistently.

What to do to avoid Dry Skin

  • Decrease your baths or showers
  • Take lukewarm, NOT HOT, quick baths and showers
  • Use minimal amounts of mild soap, if needed
  • Don't leave the bathroom without moisturizing all over
  • Moisturize Daily
  • Consider getting a humidifier or using bath oil
  • Apply bath oil after your bath as you stand wet outside the tub
  • Continue these good habits FOREVER! 
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