The Newest & Most Advanced Dry Skin Treatment

Dry Skin Care

More than 25 years ago Unilever introduced a remarkable hand and body lotion to bring comfort to millions of people with a full array of dry skin conditions. This amazing new product line was named Dermasil. Dermasil was created by Dermatologists  as an Over-The-Counter pharmaceutical for dry skin prevention and treatment. It was formulated to

provide relief  for people with dry to severely dry skin. 

More recently, in order to continue and step up, the amazing results in the marketplace, Dermasil was further enhanced, and its formulations upgraded to offer the 4-System Method for Healthier Skin:                                                                                                                                    

1.    - Occlusives to prevent moisture loss through your skin's surface.

2.    - Humectants to bind water in your skin.

3.    - Lipids to enhance your skin's natural capacity to retain moisture.

4.    - EFA’s to fortify even further your skin's moisture barrier.

This formulation has become known as the Dermasil Original, the product you love today.  

Now, in 2018 we are proud to have introduced Dermasil Platinum, the newest and most advanced dry skin treatment and prevention product line. They provide unequaled 24 HOUR MOISTURIZATION to help you restore your healthy glowing skin. Building on the Dermasil 4-System Method for Healthier Skin, we have created NEW INNOVATIVE FORMULAE that contain EXQUISITE NATURAL INGREDIENTS and VITAMINS, and make Dermasil Platinum a uniquely powerful yet gentle dry skin remedy and protectant! All Dermasil Platinum products are Fast Absorbing, Non Greasy and Paraben Free. Dermasil Platinum has become the Dermatologists’ “go to” dry skin treatment and the key recommendation for their patients.